Store Communication

Staff communication system, automated advertising announcements.
or the communication of technical devices.

Accelerate service processes and promote sales


Store Communication is a broad term today. In addition to the classic sound system of a store with suitable music, the area of store communication today also includes the staff communication system of the personnel, for example via headsets, automated advertising announcements or the communication of technical devices such as cooling systems, which indicate when they are defective.

We also have several years of experience in this area and work with well-known and internationally active manufacturers such as Bosch, Axis, Axiomtek and Qual Digital.


  • Warning messages directly on the headset (e.g. vending machine information)
  • Information from security systems such as the video or intruder alarm system
  • Fast and direct communication between back office and employees
  • Zone-defined playback of music and commercials
  • Output of current information via the loudspeaker system or to the headset
  • Information and updates from the HQ on speakers or headset
  • Task reminders for open orders or notifications

More than just music

Intelligent analysis and technological process support can help sales staff on the ground, increase sales and make work more efficient. For example, if goods are missing from the shelves, this is signaled to the staff by intelligent solutions. This enables it to react promptly and thus minimize sales losses. If Retail Analytics also detects, for example, that the queue at the checkout is too long, an announcement automatically sounds to indicate that another checkout is about to open. The announcement can be recorded, played back or spoken live.

To reach the right target group, it is also possible to play the announcement in different zones. Here, our IP network speakers with a 100V technology are used, which, through the integrated management interface, make it possible to zone or even schedule the music that is to be played. The speakers can be connected to a standard IP network, so no additional audio cables are required. Their open standards also make them compatible with other systems such as video management software (VMS), voice over IP telephony (VoIP) (via SIP), and other analytics.

Positive control of the shopping experience

A positive effect on the buying behavior of customers is also achieved through targeted music, advertising and announcements in different zones. If there are still too many bananas on the shelves shortly before closing time on Saturday, an announcement can be made via loudspeaker.

Service processes can be accelerated and optimized through constant and direct contact between the sales staff and the branch manager. This has a positive impact on the overall customer shopping experience. By using a media center, we offer you the possibility of integrating cash register control systems from well-known manufacturers and embedding technical messages in the employees’ radio system. In addition, you can integrate other trades such as our video management software (VMS), hazard management software (GMS) and our intrusion detection systems (EMA).

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Solutions tailored to your requirements

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