We offer customised video surveillance solutions, and use products from well-known manufacturers individually tailored to the needs of your project. These are complemented by tools to improve sales, reduce wastage and increase profits.

Retail analysis

In addition to security products and services, we offer a wide range of applications for the retail sector that can provide you with valuable statistical insights and implement these to help you achieve your goals. The analytics options developed by our partners turn a simple IP camera into an intelligent tool for your customer journey.

In-store Communication

In addition to the traditional in-store public address system with music, the area of in-store communication also includes a staff communication system, automated advertising announcements or communication with technical devices - such as cooling systems that indicate when they are defective.

Intruder alarm systems

The costs facing a company as a result of theft, burglary or vandalism can, in certain circumstances, threaten its very existence. It is therefore worth investing in an intruder alarm system.

Our partners