In order to respond to the needs of large retail chains when handling international roll-out projects, our product portfolio focuses on components that are highly scalable and easy to use. We offer you maximum freedom in the planning and implementation of your video solutions.

The software interfaces provided by our partners are intuitive and can be used immediately without intensive training. This also enables employees in the store to use them quickly and easily. Alarms generated from data in real time can easily be integrated into employees’ mobile devices. This allows them to keep track of what is happening live and also to react quickly to events from ‘headquarters’.

The central management platform enables the configuration, management and monitoring of independent installations across many locations. The innovative platform is web-based, which means you can operate it in the Cloud, as well as in your own infrastructure. This allows us to offer the option of a consolidated view of all servers and cameras in all existing and connected installations. Configuration changes, firmware updates and other settings can also be carried out centrally and transmitted to all the installations incorporated into the system.

An efficient alarm management allows you always to have an overview of current alarms - whether on site, in your store, or from your headquarters. This enables you to assess them quickly and comprehensively. Our solution also offers you quick and easy access to relevant material after the event. A simple, automated concealment process makes child’s play of GDPR-compliant export of video data.

In collaboration with you, we develop solutions precisely tailored to your requirements.

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