Modern video systems have become an indispensable part of retail today. Whereas in the past, searching through image material was very time-intensive, this can now be achieved efficiently with IP-based and intelligent video management systems. Combining video data and data from the POS enables an even better and faster search: after an incident of theft or fraud, the necessary images can be located very quickly and exported with just a few clicks. In the interests of data protection, irrelevant image content can be made unrecognisable.

Nowadays there are extensive analysis options, especially in the area of shelf management. In addition to comparing planograms, marketing activities such as brand display can be identified. In addition, employees are supported and their job made easier with shelf management by being connected to the internal communication system: if products need restocking, a direct announcement is made over the sales staff’s headsets. This means there is no more need for employees to keep checking fill levels, other tasks can be handled more quickly, and employees can work more efficiently. If the data is integrated into the merchandise management system, purchasing processes can also be optimised and automated.

In the non-food area, there are numerous measures that help promote sales: the first is through the use of intelligent cameras. Zones on the shop floor can be defined, and as a customer enters each zone, the lights can be switched up or adverts shown on a monitor. In combination with target group analysis, music or advertising tailored to the customer can also be played and customer purchasing behaviour can therefore be positively influenced.

Information on the conversion rate can be gained by monitoring the number of people in the entrance area, allowing the optimal deployment of staff. The route a customer takes and how long they stay in specific areas in the store can also tell you whether targeted sales campaigns or shop redesigns are achieving the desired outcomes.

The analysis options developed by our partners turn a simple IP camera into an intelligent tool for your customer journey. In combination with other IoT products from a selection of manufacturers, this provides you with an all-round package to create your individual analysis system.

Whether you are losing sales due to theft or a less than optimal customer journey – we will get your sales moving again with accurate analysis.

Theft and protection

  • Video surveillance at "hot spots" in the store
  • Real-time alarms when products are stolen from the shelf - tracking to checkout
  • Wandering around the shelves
  • Cash register manipulation
  • Exiting through the entrance area without paying
  • Sweethearting

Area productivity

  • Customer frequency - heat mapping
  • Flowcharts to show routes taken by customers
  • Forensic analysis
  • Shelf management (out of stock, price comparison, planogram comparison)
  • Cash register connection for conversion rate
  • Queue management

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